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Oregon Eyes ‘Frankenfoods’ Labeling Law

Unlike anywhere else in the United States, soon you may actually know when you’re buying “Frankenfood” in the state of Oregon.

The Beaver State is mulling several laws that would require that foods featuring genetically modified ingredients be labeled. If passed, the proposed law would be the first in the nation.

The Oregonian reported that state lawmakers are studying eight bills that zero in on labeling genetically modified foods, fish and crops. One proposal bans the farming of genetically engineered fish outright.

"I think consumers have a right to know and make their own decisions about these foods," State Rep. Paul Holvey, who is sponsoring several of the bills, told the newspaper.

He said he became concerned after visiting Atlantic salmon fish farms in Washington and British Columbia.

"Our fisheries are extremely important to the economy," Holvey said.

"If we allow the Pacific Northwest to become a mixed bag of Atlantic salmon and genetically engineered salmon, I think consumer confidence in Pacific salmon will be undermined and damage the industry."

Twelve other states are considering laws requiring foods with genetically engineered ingredients — nicknamed Frankenfoods — be labeled as such.

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